Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scheduling July 1st & reminder

Hey all,

I'm not in town and Pete has other plans or work tomorrow so there will be no session at our house. I hope you guys can find a place to play. I will be back in the action next week, running a Black Woods session for FLAILSNAILS characters for half the session and playing Lofo the Aloof, thief 4 for Fortress Eibon. Stoked.

Also, I was a little disappointed with the level of cleanliness after the last session or two. I've expressed my frustration at having to do people's dishes after sessions I've partaken in, but having to clean up a bunch of empties and garbage from a session I didn't attend that took place in my BEDROOM is LAME. It's definitely a factor to me deciding that you all can't play here if I'm not here to police you. Please respect my space.


Saturday, June 16, 2012

D&D Tomorrow

Me (Blair) DMing the usual. Get your piece of the surprising run of level advancing luck the players have somehow stumbled into.

1 pm.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scheduling - The next few weeks games (June 17, 24, July 1)

Hi all,
I (Sean) just wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming scheduling for Sunday sessions.
I'm away the next 3 sessions.  You are all welcome to use my Dungeon Master Bedroom if someone is home to let you in (Pete, please chime in with your availability here).
June 17 - Blair / Peter or Johnstone
June 24 - Lester / Johnstone / Peter
July 1 - Peter or Johnstone / Blair
From my understanding Lester can't run a game except maybe on June 24th.  Blair, is that the one you are away for?  If so that works out quite elegantly.
Peter has expressed an interest in running a Corporate Ladder session which I am sad I will miss.  Jack McGuigan will no doubt be off on a tour or week day gig in Boston (actually at the college bar in Cambridge) with his band Fast Money.  Or maybe a family emergency in Missouri will be his excuse...
Johnstone has previously offered to run a game (all of them sound awesome BTW) so maybe you all can co-ordinate and get one of those off the ground.

I'd also like to thank you all for being great players.  I had a blast running my Ruins & Rayguns play test last Sunday and look forward to the next sessions.  The Eibon session was also fucking spot on Blair.  Great gaming going on here.

See you in a month or less.