Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scheduling - The next few weeks games (June 17, 24, July 1)

Hi all,
I (Sean) just wanted to remind everyone of the upcoming scheduling for Sunday sessions.
I'm away the next 3 sessions.  You are all welcome to use my Dungeon Master Bedroom if someone is home to let you in (Pete, please chime in with your availability here).
June 17 - Blair / Peter or Johnstone
June 24 - Lester / Johnstone / Peter
July 1 - Peter or Johnstone / Blair
From my understanding Lester can't run a game except maybe on June 24th.  Blair, is that the one you are away for?  If so that works out quite elegantly.
Peter has expressed an interest in running a Corporate Ladder session which I am sad I will miss.  Jack McGuigan will no doubt be off on a tour or week day gig in Boston (actually at the college bar in Cambridge) with his band Fast Money.  Or maybe a family emergency in Missouri will be his excuse...
Johnstone has previously offered to run a game (all of them sound awesome BTW) so maybe you all can co-ordinate and get one of those off the ground.

I'd also like to thank you all for being great players.  I had a blast running my Ruins & Rayguns play test last Sunday and look forward to the next sessions.  The Eibon session was also fucking spot on Blair.  Great gaming going on here.

See you in a month or less.


  1. How does an author invite another person to this blog? Or should I just send the address to Bill and others to keep pace with the action?

  2. I had to make you an Admin; now you can set it up where blogger sends and invite to Bill (for example), which, after he accepts it, will make him a user and allow him to post on the blog.


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