Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[B. Portly] Side-Game Scheduling for the 22nd

B. Portly has seniority, ergo he has first dibs on session slots for January 22nd; please let us know what slot you would prefer and we'll get it on the calendar.

Additionally, in light of the frequency of Side-Games on the schedule, as it gets closer to the date it would be considerate of folks to R.S.V.P. for both B. Portly & Johnstone's games on the 22nd.

[Johnstone] January 22nd game.

Like it says on the calendar, Blair has asked me to run a game for the Saucers and Sorcerers Society, and specifically one that is NOT D&D. I can run a bunch of different games that are not D&D, but which one is, in part, dependent on what the Society would like to play.

I can run:

1. World of Algol.
This is all that shit Blair made up, but with very different rules that I have mostly re-purposed from an indie game called Apocalypse world. It's still an adventure game, and it's still Planet Algol, but with more emphasis on social interactions and special powers, and less emphasis on money and lengthy combats. Sort of. It's a little harder to die and a lot easier to wreck things.

2.Don't Rest You Head.
In this game you play a person from the modern day who gets insomnia so bad they develop super-powers and fall into an alternate dimension full of nightmares and bizarre. It's a bit like an amped-up version of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, or like a movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland written by Clive Barker and directed by John Carpenter. It can be great fun to play serious or completely gonzo, and usually in a one-shot, it's best to go gonzo.

I can run World of Algol or Don't Rest Your Head for up to 6 players, though 4 or 5 would be optimal.

3. Lacuna Part I: The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City.
This game is about mysterious government agents who enter society's collective unconscious to cure criminals of their antisocial tendencies. It's like The Cell with the men in black instead of J-Lo and Cold War Berlin instead of the killer's mind, like Inception with feds instead of thieves, like going to Stockholm for the first time while you're tripping on acid. This is a game where mystery and suspense lead into paranoia and ultimately surreal horror and existential self-doubt... if you live.

Please note that unlike the first two, Lacuna is a SERIOUS game, and will only be played seriously. You do not get to have your own shit on the table. The table must start the game completely bare. You can bring bottled water, but dice, sheets, and pencils will be provided for you. You are encouraged to wear a suit. As in all games, there may be funny moments, but please, no jokes or horseplay during the game.

Lacuna is best with 3-4 players, but I am willing to run it for 2 or 5.

This game will happen on January 22nd, so you have plenty of time to consider things and look up Don't Rest Your Head and Lacuna on the internet. Whether it will be in the afternoon or evening slot has yet to be determined.

Since I have only gamed with the SaSS a handful of times, I should say that I consider most of Blair's post here a matter of good manners. As a rule of thumb, anyone that Blair, Pete, and Sean can all vouch for is welcome to play a game I run. Otherwise, I am sorry, but this IS a private event, and one that takes a certain amount of preparation and effort on my part to run. Your discretion is appreciated.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[Fortress Eibon] Rumour Cards Owed to Scrounger and Johnstone

For the Boxing Day Fortress Eibon game this past Monday not only did I have only one rumour card for Scrounger and Johnstone to share, I also forgot about the rumour cards owed to them for their PCs gaining levels. Thusly for the next Fortress Eibon game either of those two play they are due:

Scrounger: 2 additional Rumour Cards
Johnstone: 3 additional Rumour Cards

Monday, December 26, 2011

[Blair's Games] Just To Make This Absolutely Clear And On The Record...

As one of the purposes of this blog is for clear communication in the game groups,  in regards to the sessions that I run, please take the following into account:

A) Please do not bring someone to play in a session I (Blair) am DMing without clearing it with me first.

B) Please do not invite someone to play in a session I (Blair) am DMing without clearing it with me first.

C) Please do not imply to someone that they can play in a session I (Blair) am DMing without clearing it with me first.

D) A, B & C explicitly do not apply to the Thursday Red Box Vancouver games that I DM, as they are an "Open Game." Regardless, if you end up being responsible for Mark, or someone like him, showing up at the Red Box games I will hate you forever.

E) Please have the courtesy to also ask Sean and Pete before bringing strangers into their house, it is their private residence after all. And we should be considerate of Sean's privacy before bringing strangers into his house as well, that should be common sense for anyone.

F) You should also probably talk about bringing someone new with the other players, as for all you know perhaps one of us may not enjoy their company

G) Regardless of how cool this person is; how much D&D they have played; how much they would like to play D&D; or how drunk you were when you told someone that they could play in my game, that does not justify disregarding the above requests.

H) I would also suggest that it would be courteous asking Sean before inviting anyone to play in his game as well.
I) Most of us aren't enthusiastic about someone hanging around our sessions "just to watch;" it has always sucked, every time they ask too many questions or make too many exclamations and every time it drains the energy  right out of the game. Please don't tell someone they can watch, no matter how fascinated they are.

Most likely, there won't be a problem. But there's more likely to be a problem if the new player arrives as a "surprise", and whatever problems there are will be more awkward, disrupting, and/or hurtful.

If this seems out of line, I suggest that you talk to Sean, Pete or Doug regarding their experiences with Mark in the past. We are all still traumatized from that experience.

Please note that this has not been discussed by the group and no consensus has been reached regarding the above, these are suggestions from me and not SASS rules; regardless I think it's reasonable for the person who is running a session to have some say in who is playing in that session.

As always, feel free to communicate your feeling regarding these thoughts and suggestions.

ADDENDUM:  Before drafting this policy I took the time to discuss this issue with several other gamemasters from other groups. What I found fascinating, although unsurprising, was that wide range of opinions regarding this issue, pretty much evenly spaced along the spectrum.

So in regards to my above requests, if they seem uptight or ogrish, please understand that they are only my own personal opinion, although I would love for you to keep my requests in mind in regards to the games that I run.

Thank you & I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!


Friday, December 23, 2011

[Fortress Eibon] Note to Scrounger from Jeff Rients

"Loot carried off included... ...some breast plates and helms of unusually light metal and wicked design. "
"Yes!  Merwik the Merchant still has those wicked suits of armor in stock!

To quote an earlier post:

A breastplate and helmet combo will set you back 100gp. Here's how they work: They protect you the same as ordinary chain and helm HOWEVER they're slightly lighter, so you can outrun someone in chain. It's not enough to up your movement rate but if you're both, say, fleeing a monster the other guy gets eaten and you get away. Also, while wearing this gear you look just like a kickass fighter from an Erol Otus illo. Thes items go to the first nine FLAILSNAILS players to comment in this thread indicating that they are spending the 100gp. They are sized for humans and elves."
- Jeff Rients

If Sean, or anyone else, wants to buy a suit leave a comment here.

@SEAN: Wilderlands Solo Sesh

I'd love to get some solo sessions in sometime, maybe January/February in order to get Bundi's geas out of the way. Possible?

This Blog & You

So you may be wondering why we implemented this blog into our gaming group? 

I) Communication
The primary intent of this blog is that you, the participants in the Sunday sessions, are able to communicate with the group-as-whole in an accessible, open fashion. As such everyone is encouraged to post entries and comments about any subject relevant to our games.

You have a question about a campaign or it's rules? You know someone who want to play? You have a game- or group-related issue? You want to plan an expedition? You want to coordinate snacks with the group? You want to try out a new game? You have photos of our games that you would like to share? Post it. As long as it's relevant to our games that's what this blog is for. 

II) Scheduling
We all are busy dudes. Work, bands, school, family, romance; we all have things going on that interfere with our attendance. Hopefully this blog, and it's calendar, will enable us to coordinate our games in a fashion that works with our schedules.

This will also help avoid confusion about "what game is it today?" Now we can know what games during what weekend in advance; and if there is a scheduling conflict we can possibly arrange the session so that everything runs smoothly.

In our discussions leading up to the establishment of this blog there was multiple requests for session confirmations on attendance on the part of the players; this is a fair request on the part of the referees, and hopefully we can utilize this blog so that we have an idea of who will be showing up before the sessions begin. 

III) In-Game Resources
Whether it's information about the setting or rules of a campaign; player maps; or accounts of expeditions, our hope is that this blog can serve as a one-stop resource for the aforementioned information. 

IV) Taking Care of Game Business Between Sessions
Do you want to coordinate an expedition with the other players? Want to do some in-game shopping? Are you hankering to dig up some juicy rumours? You can use this blog to handle such matters.

We hope that you find this blog useful, and you are all encouraged to post away!

Want to Play Your Fortress Eibon Character Online?

You may be unaware that the Fortress Eibon game adheres to FLAILSNAILS protocols; what this breaks down to is that you are more than welcome to (and are in fact encouraged to) run your Fortress Eibon character in other games, and conversely characters from other games are welcome to play in the Fortress Eibon games.

You don't have to worry about your character traveling to these other milieus; in the Yam Outskirts there is an office of the Tarn Traveller Aid Society that provides free transport via giant eagle to other realms. 

For example, you can use a Fortress Eibon game in a non-Eibon Red Box Vancouver game.

As well, provided that you have a Google+ membership (it's free) and a computer with a microphone and video camera (I think most laptops have this nowadays?) you can play Constantcon (see This and This) games with your Fortress Eibon PC.

Here is the Constantcon Calendar; there are two regular games of note:
Caves of Myrddin - Every Friday morning at 4:30 am; run by Jeff Rients
Nightwick Abbey - Every Saturday afternoon at 1 pm; run by Evan

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Book a Monday Night Session

Suppose that you would like to run or play a game on an open Monday night?

Simple make a post on this blog, such as:
Bushmaster - Monday January 2nd?
I would like to set up a Bushmaster game on the above date with at least 2 players; is anyone down?
If anyone would like to commit to the listed session, or has any questions, simply leave a comment with your confirmation or inquiry; once enough folks commit for that date simply enter it on the calender.

If the session is to take place at Sean & Pete's please don't assume; confirm that the date works for them before proceeding with booking the session.

I suggest that if you want to play a solo game with one of the GMs that Mondays would be a perfect opportunity, assuming the GM is available.

If Sean & Pete's joint is unavailable for a Monday night I suggest setting up a session at a coffee shop; the Waves at Broadway & Spruce has proven to be a wonderful gaming venue.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Ability Score Modifiers for Fortress Eibon D&D

In order to increase cross-compatibility with Red Box Vancouver, my Fortress Eibon megadungeon campaign is going to switch to using the Basic/Expert D&D ability score modifiers, as below:

3        -3
4-5     -2
6-8     -1
9-12   -
13-15 +1
16-17 +2
18      +3

Furthermore the Strength adjustments to hit and damage; and the Dexterity adjustments to Armor Class are now effective for all character classes and not just fighters.