Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunday September 1st & Pete's Send Off Sessions

Hi all (the huge readership of Saucers & Sorcerers Society),

Both Pete and I are around tomorrow for hosting the session at our house (although Pete may be chilling with his mom and getting his shit together for leaving town for some of the day) .  Let's have a well attended session or two to send off Trigger Ben (and dare I mention Dr Richard Dee, ghoul scientist?) in style. 

I believe the original schedule said Blair 1-5, Sean 6-10 so I figure we stick to that unless you have any preference or band obligations Blair.

I'll run either Black Woods or Ruins & Rayguns, whichever the majority would prefer.  Also, if people show up promptly at 1pm there will be in game benefits in my campaign.

Snacks rule too!

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