Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Book a Monday Night Session

Suppose that you would like to run or play a game on an open Monday night?

Simple make a post on this blog, such as:
Bushmaster - Monday January 2nd?
I would like to set up a Bushmaster game on the above date with at least 2 players; is anyone down?
If anyone would like to commit to the listed session, or has any questions, simply leave a comment with your confirmation or inquiry; once enough folks commit for that date simply enter it on the calender.

If the session is to take place at Sean & Pete's please don't assume; confirm that the date works for them before proceeding with booking the session.

I suggest that if you want to play a solo game with one of the GMs that Mondays would be a perfect opportunity, assuming the GM is available.

If Sean & Pete's joint is unavailable for a Monday night I suggest setting up a session at a coffee shop; the Waves at Broadway & Spruce has proven to be a wonderful gaming venue.

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