Friday, December 23, 2011

This Blog & You

So you may be wondering why we implemented this blog into our gaming group? 

I) Communication
The primary intent of this blog is that you, the participants in the Sunday sessions, are able to communicate with the group-as-whole in an accessible, open fashion. As such everyone is encouraged to post entries and comments about any subject relevant to our games.

You have a question about a campaign or it's rules? You know someone who want to play? You have a game- or group-related issue? You want to plan an expedition? You want to coordinate snacks with the group? You want to try out a new game? You have photos of our games that you would like to share? Post it. As long as it's relevant to our games that's what this blog is for. 

II) Scheduling
We all are busy dudes. Work, bands, school, family, romance; we all have things going on that interfere with our attendance. Hopefully this blog, and it's calendar, will enable us to coordinate our games in a fashion that works with our schedules.

This will also help avoid confusion about "what game is it today?" Now we can know what games during what weekend in advance; and if there is a scheduling conflict we can possibly arrange the session so that everything runs smoothly.

In our discussions leading up to the establishment of this blog there was multiple requests for session confirmations on attendance on the part of the players; this is a fair request on the part of the referees, and hopefully we can utilize this blog so that we have an idea of who will be showing up before the sessions begin. 

III) In-Game Resources
Whether it's information about the setting or rules of a campaign; player maps; or accounts of expeditions, our hope is that this blog can serve as a one-stop resource for the aforementioned information. 

IV) Taking Care of Game Business Between Sessions
Do you want to coordinate an expedition with the other players? Want to do some in-game shopping? Are you hankering to dig up some juicy rumours? You can use this blog to handle such matters.

We hope that you find this blog useful, and you are all encouraged to post away!

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