Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[Johnstone] January 22nd game.

Like it says on the calendar, Blair has asked me to run a game for the Saucers and Sorcerers Society, and specifically one that is NOT D&D. I can run a bunch of different games that are not D&D, but which one is, in part, dependent on what the Society would like to play.

I can run:

1. World of Algol.
This is all that shit Blair made up, but with very different rules that I have mostly re-purposed from an indie game called Apocalypse world. It's still an adventure game, and it's still Planet Algol, but with more emphasis on social interactions and special powers, and less emphasis on money and lengthy combats. Sort of. It's a little harder to die and a lot easier to wreck things.

2.Don't Rest You Head.
In this game you play a person from the modern day who gets insomnia so bad they develop super-powers and fall into an alternate dimension full of nightmares and bizarre. It's a bit like an amped-up version of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, or like a movie adaptation of Alice in Wonderland written by Clive Barker and directed by John Carpenter. It can be great fun to play serious or completely gonzo, and usually in a one-shot, it's best to go gonzo.

I can run World of Algol or Don't Rest Your Head for up to 6 players, though 4 or 5 would be optimal.

3. Lacuna Part I: The Creation of the Mystery and the Girl from Blue City.
This game is about mysterious government agents who enter society's collective unconscious to cure criminals of their antisocial tendencies. It's like The Cell with the men in black instead of J-Lo and Cold War Berlin instead of the killer's mind, like Inception with feds instead of thieves, like going to Stockholm for the first time while you're tripping on acid. This is a game where mystery and suspense lead into paranoia and ultimately surreal horror and existential self-doubt... if you live.

Please note that unlike the first two, Lacuna is a SERIOUS game, and will only be played seriously. You do not get to have your own shit on the table. The table must start the game completely bare. You can bring bottled water, but dice, sheets, and pencils will be provided for you. You are encouraged to wear a suit. As in all games, there may be funny moments, but please, no jokes or horseplay during the game.

Lacuna is best with 3-4 players, but I am willing to run it for 2 or 5.

This game will happen on January 22nd, so you have plenty of time to consider things and look up Don't Rest Your Head and Lacuna on the internet. Whether it will be in the afternoon or evening slot has yet to be determined.

Since I have only gamed with the SaSS a handful of times, I should say that I consider most of Blair's post here a matter of good manners. As a rule of thumb, anyone that Blair, Pete, and Sean can all vouch for is welcome to play a game I run. Otherwise, I am sorry, but this IS a private event, and one that takes a certain amount of preparation and effort on my part to run. Your discretion is appreciated.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments.


  1. I know Pete wanted to play Lacuna, and so do I.

    So that's 2 votes for Lacuna so far.

    B. Portly has seniority so he get's first pick for which slot he runs.

  2. Also... way to wear the Viking Hat right out of the gate!

  3. I don't know how fast char gen is, but maybe Johnstone should get the evening session since it is a new game? I'm flexible either way, we can alternate the slots after that.

  4. Okay, I'll pencil it in with B. Portly afternoon & Johnstone evening.

  5. The next 2 sessions I will most likely be recording at at least some point during the day. I will happily hand off DMimg for those sessions. I will play as much as I can.

    I voted Algol through Johnstone's mental blender but lacuna sounds awesome too. I promise i will launch a campaign that's
    flailsnails & od&d/red box compatible. Currently no other characters from my Wilderlands game (other than Orpo) can come & go between Fortress Eibon or any other milieu

  6. Barring anything else I can DM 8 hrs. those sessions.


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